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Current Projects



TCU Admissions Building - Dome

LED RGB Spotlight - Dialed to the color, purple.  A Cooper wall mount controll was added so that they can change the color to a different setting. 




Mary Kay Headquarters 


Retrofitted 100w HPS fixtures with 40w LED fixtures

Trader Jim's Pawn Shop

Retrofitted entire store, interior and exterior to LED





La Comida Restaurant

LED Strip Lights around doorframe

Executive Inn Tyler
Installed LED flood lighting and RGB strip lighting 
Susan Saffron Jewelry


Installed LED Lighting to jewelry showcases

Hampton Inn Palestine

Retrofitted LED Pole Lights and Canopy Lights 

Total Filtration Services

Replaced Warehouse lights with LED T8s

Applebees - Terrell, TX

Awning and Lighting replacement

Texas Skatium

Replaced all exterior and interior lights with LED 

in addition to replacing the frontage sign lighting 

Rich Hippie 


Replaced all interior tracking with 18w LED par lights


and installed LED showcase strip lighting


Greenville Church of Christ

Replaced all interior and exterior lighting with LED

Lakeside Parking Garage

LED Retrofitted entire parking garger lights

Arlington Skatium

Replaced 17 pole lights 400w HPS to 100w 

Las Colinas Market

Replaced inefficient T12 cooler lgihts with 32w LED cooler lights

Graystone Parking Garage

Retrofitted entire parking garge lighting with LEDs

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